Structural Bioinformatics: Practical Guide




Tutorials in sequence alignment and homology modeling

alignment & modeling tutorials

This site provides a guide to protein structure and function, including various aspects of structural bioinformatics. It covers some basic principles of protein structure like secondary structure elements, domains and folds, databases, relationships between protein amino acid sequence and the three-dimensional structure. In addition, some basics principles of sequence analysis, homology modeling and structure-based drug design are covered. In the related tutorials I use resources freely available on the web. Although, you should know that there are commercial program packages, which include many features not available in the free versions. In the experimental part I have included some basics of protein crystallization and protein crystallography.

New update!

Please note that the entire site is being updated! I am moving to a new template, which provides considerable flexibility in forming the site, but it also works faster, is mobile-friendly and more reliable. However, since the update is happening right now, some features may still be old and others may not show properly. Some of the content also needs updating, this will be done the coming couple of weeks. Thank you for your consideration!

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